Domain Names Are Important

Domain Names Are Important

Your internet address is what defines your business online.  A good domain name is the foundation for your online presence.  It is the first impression an internet customer gets.  We all know the importance of first impressions!

Your domain name helps define your company’s credibility and professionalism.  You wouldn’t run a multi-million dollar business from the run down hotdog stand in a back alley on the wrong side of the tracks would you?   Your domain name is your virtual address on the internet, and should reflect your business in its very best light.

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A small business can give the impression of being very large with a great domain name and professional looking website.  Being available to your customers and visitors via the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, will allow you to grow your business while you’re busy doing other things. By having your own domain you are opening yourself up to the entire world.  Your audience has increased by millions.

Choose your name wisely. People will remember your website by its domain name.  It is also helpful if it’s short and easy to spell.

If you own your own domain name, the search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, may look more favorably on you and give you better search rankings.  Better search rankings lead to more potential customers which of course, are vital to your internet success.  Hosted names on free hosts that only offer you a subdomain off their main domain have several disadvantages, one being the search engine rankings.  Their main page gets the good rankings. Sometimes the search engine robots even refuse to crawl and index free host sites.  Another disadvantage is that your site is not portable.  You can’t move it easily if you decide you want to.  You are at the mercy of the free host.

A great domain name will help grow and enforce your brand.  Your brand is how you’re perceived by your visitors and customers, and you will want to have the domain to protect that brand. By establishing your online presence on your own domain, you can continue to grow and build your business through other outlets such as social media like twitter and facebook.  This will enforce your brand, build recognition, and bring in more customers to your website.  Your brand is a valuable asset to your company, and should be synonymous with your domain name.  It is smart to own several domain names with variations of your main name and even different extensions like .net, .us, .biz, to help protect your piece of the web.